Dark dragon guppy

Sold Out. This rare guppy variety is extra small and among the newest and most beautiful! While it is rare, the Dwarf Blue Panda Guppy has quickly become a popular fish for the nano or planted aquarium, particularly due to its exceptionally small size, which makes it an excellent cohabitant for adult dwarf shrimp. Guppies typically occupy the top level of the water column, although they can often be seen swimming and feeding in the middle and bottom levels as well.

They will not eat or bother plants. They are safe with other peaceful fish as long as the other fish are not known to nip at the long tail of the guppy. Adult dwarf shrimp are generally safe as well, but guppies may eat shrimp fry. Larger, peaceful invertebrates can also make good tankmates. Guppies are best kept in small to large groups. While not a picky eater, the Dwarf Blue Panda Guppy will thrive and remain very colorful on a varied diet of meaty foods supplemented with foods high in spirulina or other nutritious vegetable content.

High-quality flake food, pellets, and frozen or freeze-dried foods will all be readily accepted. Aquatic Ferns Bucephalandra sp. Dwarf Blue Panda Guppy Poecilia reticulata var. Highly unique coloration Peaceful disposition with fish and peaceful invertebrates Hardy and adaptable Excellent for inhabiting the top of the aquarium.

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Search our store.Guppies are livebearers, which means that their babies are born live, not from eggs like many other types of fish, including goldfish. Guppies breed rather freely, so you can quickly go from a single pair or a trio to dozens of pet guppies if you choose to keep males and females together.

dark dragon guppy

Find out more about how guppies mate. The breeding process is fairly straightforward and lightening quick. When conditions are right, a male guppy will try to approach a female with the goal of inseminating her.

The female rarely remains still for this activity, and she typically darts away and a chase ensues. When the male gets close enough, he extends his gonopodium towards the female's anal vent. The gonopodium is actually the male's anal fin. It is shaped like a rod and slightly pointed, and it's located just behind his ventral fins.

The gonopodium contains a tube that actually delivers packets of sperm to the female. Guppy mating takes less than a second, and it looks just like he is stinging her at her vent where her gravid spot is located. This is the dark spot just behind the female's abdomen. Although the breeding is extremely quick, numerous breedings will take place to ensure the female has been fertilized.

50+ Different Types of Guppies

The gestation period for a guppy varies a bit, and how long she remains pregnant depends a lot on her environment. The average length of the pregnancy is between 22 and 28 days. However, a female can remain pregnant even longer if her water is too cold because it slows development of the babies, also known as fry.

She may also delay delivery if there are too many fish in her tank harassing her. It's an interesting fact that a female can go through multiple pregnancies in succession after the initial breeding. She has the ability to store extra sperm packets from the male, so it's possible for her to give birth about once a month for several months after the birth of the first set of fry.

Each delivery is also known as a drop. There's not too much you need to do if you want to encourage your guppies to breed. Just provide the following conditions.

Now that you understand exactly how guppies breed, it's easy to notice when it happens. If your female's gravid spot begins to enlarge and she looks heavier than ever, you can be certain she is pregnant. Make sure you provide her with everything she needs to support her pregnancyas well as a safe place to have her fry or she and her tank mates may eat them. All Rights Reserved.You may have heard it before that guppies are characterized by variety when it comes to patterns, colors and the shape of their tails.

This translates into a multitude of guppy types that you can enjoy in your aquarium. There are several features that can set each type of guppy apart, making them a versatile and colorful species.

Endler guppies are also strikingly colorful, easy to care for, and peaceful fish that will thrive on an omnivorous diet. Unlike the other two types of guppies, the swamp guppy is not an exclusively freshwater fish, and can be found mostly in coastal swamps and brackish marshes.

Based on their tail shape alone, we can distinguish around 13 types of guppy fish. This variety is the result of years of selective breeding, and the list is continuously expanding as breeders succeed in developing new varieties:. Veiltail guppies have a tail that resembles an isosceles trapezoid. The tail can be colored in a single color or multiple, pattern like colors.

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Dorsal and ventral fins are usually elongated and flowy. Fantail guppies have elegant-looking tails that resemble an open fan. This tail type is actually typical of fancy guppies. Dorsal fins can be elongated, ventral fins are usually smaller. The scarf-tail guppy is also known as the flag-tail guppy.

This tail shape is much narrower on the edges compared to the other tail types I mentioned so far but remains just as impressive in terms of colors and patterns. The bottom swordtail guppy is a mirrored version of the top swordtail guppy, since only the bottom edge of their tail is elongated. The edge of the tail which is not elongated is narrow and shaped like the tail of flagtail guppies. The lyretail guppy is not very different from the double swordtail guppy. Of course, there are variations within this category too with some tails being larger than others.

Well-rounded and usually on the shorter side, the roundtail guppy is another impressive specimen that can be an interesting choice for those interested in aesthetics and breeding unique and distinctly shaped guppies. Because of the long pointy tail, this guppy type is also referred to as the needle tail guppy.

The tail sets out wider at the base and becomes more slender as it reaches the pin-like section, where it narrows out. When it comes to guppy tail shapes, the halfmoon tailed guppy is my favorite.

The tail starts out wide at the base and widens even further until it resembles a halfmoon. These guppies usually feature two contrasted colors between the front and back of their body. The front of the body is a lighter color, while the lower section of the body is much darker, just like the color scheme on a classic tuxedo. These guppy varieties feature both vertical patterns and rosettes spotted throughout their body. Female cobra guppies will also show these patterns, although in a more subdued way compared to male cobra guppies, which showcase these patterns the best.

In terms of colors, they can be white, black, greed, bright orange, resulting in interesting and striking combinations of colors and patterns. Snakeskin guppies have a vertical pattern that spreads throughout their entire bodies.

Sometimes, these patterns resemble the patterns of a tiger and the colors too featuring colors such as gold, orange and black. While tail shapes are of course impressive, when it comes to tail patterns, things get turned up a notch.

Glass guppies have a genetic peculiarity that prevents the production of guanine, making them transparent. Guanine is essentially the silver dye that makes fish glisten and has the role of reflecting light and thus preventing transparency.

It may happen that in glass guppies, black melanin also falters, which further accentuates the transparency of their bodies.

dark dragon guppy

Glass guppies are bred like albino guppies. These patterns are dark-colored, which results in a great contrast with brighter and lighter colors.Fish are held, quarantined and shipped from our facility in San Diego, California. Every single order from us ships with guaranteed live arrival of your fish.

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We want to ensure that our customers receive quality fish. The following terms and conditions apply to our guarantee:. In most cases, we cannot and will not ship fish immediately after an order is received. We stop feeding your fish in order to clean out their digestive system.

This lessens the chance of fish dying in transit due to poor water quality. We ship fish out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or sometimes Thursday depending on your location - whichever comes first.

You will receive a tracking number by email from us when your fish has been packed and prepared for shipment. Then, you can track your fish on the web and know an estimated arrival day. We package them with pure oxygen and pack them in insulated boxes. It is best to have someone home when the fish arrives, so that your package does not sit outside your door in the hot or cold weather.

Please remember that the delivery of your order is the responsibility of the shipping carrier USPS, FedEx, OnTrac Once a package leaves our fulfillment center, you must reach out directly to the shipping carrier selected during checkout to resolve delivery issues.

You should have your tracking number ready when reaching out to the shipping carrier.

dark dragon guppy

All live fish are packaged in thick plastic shipping bags. The bags are filled with pure bottled oxygen and water treated in methylene blue as an extra precaution.

The bags are tightly secured with a rubber band, and then placed into a sturdy corrugated cardboard.

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The box is insulated with Styrofoam on all sides to maintain temperature and minimal movement. Then it's sealed with packaging tape and is set to ship.

Dwarf Blue Panda Guppy (Poecilia reticulata var. "Panda"), Males and Females - Tank-Bred!

Yes, it is safe. Although there is always inherent stress to the fish as a result of the shipping process, the stress is minimal and the risk to the health of the fish is very low. It does not mean that we will ship your fish the same day or even necessarily the next day after you order.

We still cannot ship certain days regardless of when you order. Purging the fishes prior to shipping must be factored in. The transit time varies on the shipping service you selected. Once a package leaves our fulfillment center, you must reach out directly to the shipping carrier selected during checkout to resolve delivery issues.

When we print your label, you will receive an email with a tracking number. The tracking number will not register any information until the Post Office, OnTrac or FedEx actually comes and gets the box. Please wait at least hours and try again before emailing us. Contact us as soon as possible.Hobbyist are welcome to inquiry.

Grade A Guppy are reserve for private buyer, Hobbyist. Beautiful albino full red guppy, it look beautiful swim in group in a greenery aquarium. Elegant Albino Platinum Guppy with semi translucent body and show platinum sparkling silver body color under lighting. Beautiful albino red lace guppy with fine, web-like tail pattern texture on the body along way to the tail.

Sporty look and active guppy with big pectoral fin, is a great joy to watch them swim in action. Beautiful guppy just like wearing a ball gown or evening dress, is a great joy to watch them swim in group. Beautiful and mysteries dark blue guppy, suit for high contrast aquarium setup.

Beautiful albino yellow guppy with pattern includes some vertical barring as well as rosettes on the body along way to the tail. Beautiful yellow guppy with pattern includes some vertical barring as well as rosettes on the body along way to the big tail. Elegant Albino Sky Blue Ribbon Guppy with translucent body and show sky blue sparkling on body and tail under lighting.

Elegant Albino Sky Blue Guppy with translucent body and show sky blue sparkling on body and tail under lighting. Beautiful Blue Grass Guppy, seeing them swim elegantly in aquarium is a great joy.

Beautiful Mosaic Guppy just like wearing a fashion dress, is a great joy to watch them swim in group. For retailer, whole sale agent, please call for strains available, quantity or for future booking. Biologically balanced daily food formulated for guppies and others. Small flakes designed specially for guppies and other small fishes Flakes float longer to allow fish feed naturally from the surface Contains biologically balanced Nutrition to improve colouration Note: Product Packaging may vary depending on quantity.There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time.

Members of the Poecilia reticulata species, the guppy is a tiny fish, but the great variety in its forms and colours make it a favourite of tropical fish fanciers. These differences have come about through selective breeding. Some guppy fish are so beautiful and rare that they are shown much like Japanese koi or purebred dogs and cats.

They prefer a brightly lit water tank but one with enough aquatic plants to provide hiding places. Guppies get along fairly well with other small, live-bearing fish. For successful reproduction, guppies need a varied diet. The average guppy grows about 2 inches. Like a lot of fish, the female is a bit larger than the male. Some experts recommend each adult fish have at least two gallons of water.

If you have a twenty gallon water tank, this equates to having 10 guppies. Guppy pregnancy lasts a little less than a month. There are things you will need to do to help the pregnancy be successful. They are:. Skip to main content.

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It evolves into one of four different Pokemon through various methods: Eqwater when exposed to the Leaf Stone. Glydfin when exposed to the Air Stone. Seagic when exposed to the Dawn Stone. Orcail when exposed to the Ice Stone.

Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Type Water. Ability Swift Swim. Hidden Ability Super Luck. Mega Ability.

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Gender ratio. Catch rate 45 5. Hatch time steps. Height 0. Weight 4. Base experience yield Leveling rate Medium Slow. EV yield Total: 1. Body style. Base friendship There are still ancient Guppish out in the sea that have yet to evolve. Rare Fishing Contest. One As an egg from Misty in Waytide City. HP :

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